Shipping options vary from very urgent to no rush.

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Orders are fulfilled out of the USA and Europe and shipped Internationally.

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Your order will first need to be fulfilled and processed which will take a few days then be shipped. The length of time from order to delivery will vary according to the item and type of shipping selected.

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We use Paypal and Stripe to facilitate PCI compliant Kinny Swag payments. All payments are processed directly with Stripe, your financial information is processed and if applicable stored by Stripe. Kinny Swag does not hold, process or store your financial information.

Kinny Swag uses trusted third parties to process all Kinny Swag client data. Orders are fulfilled and records stored by Printful. Kinn Swag Store is a secure site so always be sure to check for the https://swag.kinny.io

Orders & Returns

Browse the webpage, choose your swag and order. No account creation is required.

Once the User has clicked on the “confirm” button, it is not possible to edit or cancel the order. If the User wants to change some parameters, like the Customer address, etc., please contact us as soon as possible. Printful is not bound to make such modifications in User’s order, but we will do our best on a case-by-case basis. Replacement of Products and credits to the Member’s account for Products claimed as damaged or not received are subject to Printful’s investigation and discretion. Kinny Swag may be able to make changes if you contact us swiftly in the first 24 hours however we cannot guarantee that.

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Depending on the delivery option selected your order may or may not be tracked. Kinny Swag and you will be informed by Printful of fulfillment and delivery progress.

Products may be returned but subject to our Shipping and Returns Policy.